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                                                  INTRODUCING CONAN
It is with great pleasure that we bring in this incredibly well bred boy from Hungary. Conan pedigree contains some of the most sought after studs in Europe with Conan's grandfather winning this year for his third time at 11 years old top European Golden Retriever. An incredible achievement once in a dogs life but three times is un heard of. Conan has an incredible personality of gentleness and eager to please in all situations. He finished his Canadian Championship in record time going Best of Breed and Group placings. He has super flowing movement and is throwing strong intelligent puppies and with superb health. He is my constant companion and we owe so much to his breeder Szylvia Kerserzki for allowing this stunning boy to come to Canada .                        

 Conan in Hungary at 9 weeks old just about to leave for his big journey!
Conan arrived safe and sound. What a long journey and he came out of the crate tail waggin...and starving :) He has settled in so well it really is hard to believe. 
Conan 4 months old and maturing so nicely
He is one tired puppy after a long day of playing.
Conan 6 months old free stacking himself...turning into a real beauty!


CONAN 18 months and such a stunning stunning boy!!!!



INTRODUCING REIGN... this lovely boy comes to us from U.S.A. from a superb breeder who has bred and brought into North America some of this continents nicest goldens. Reigns pedigree contains some of the top dogs from France that have been producing dogs of great working ability and long living lines. Reign is our resident comedian with a terrific sense of humour and very loving loyal companion. He took Best of Winners for his first show out and never missed a beat!! Great boy with a bright future here in Canada.

Reign stacked at 8 weeks just before his long trip to Canada. His father is from Hungary and mother from France and combined these two dogs are DNA cleared for many genetic diseases making Reign a non carrier of many things such as PRA and PRA1 and Degenerative Myelopathy and a skin disease common in goldens. This means non of his offspring can be affected!


    Reign head study at 11 weeks such a lovely cute boy!!!


REIGN  practicing for his first show. He is a natural with super temperament . He loves everyone and everything!!! This boy went Best Male in his first two shows and showed to perfection!
REIGN  2 years old and still maturing but one can see his quality. His final hip rating was done and he rated an EXCELLENT and only 4 percent goldens ever rate that so we are over the moon ! He is also pcrd PRA 1 clear and is also ichyhosis clear as well. He rated a 1 on an elbow due to an injury of falling from the hay bales in the horse arena. We exrayed at a year and the same at 2 with no changes!


INTRODUCING  SORIN our newest addition coming all the way from The Netherlands. A huge THANK YOU  to his breeder Gloria Blaauwendraat  for allowing us to bring this stunning puppy to Canada. He has incredibly strong lines and we are over the moon to be able to add yet again, another top quality golden retriever to our home.

Sorin at 10 weeks old just before his long journey to Canada!!! What a smart delightful boy he is. He has fit right in without missing a beat.

The longer we live with Sorin the more we love him. He is such an easy going boy. Big boned and short coupled this boy is the sweetest boy on the planet!!! Here he is at 6 months and maturing so nicely.


Sorin at 10 months is so well built. He is so deep of chest with a superb topline and the most gentle of nature. The longer we live with him the more we fall in love with him. He is without doubt has the nicest temperament of any dog I have ever known.

Here is a head study of Sorin at 1 year 1 month old. Love him!


Love this shot of Sorin at 14 months old. This boy has an amazing front and tons of bone and substance.

Sorin at 2 years front has matured better than I ever dreamed!



Finnegan comes from some of the nicest lines from the UK and produced some of my nicest puppies.


Meet our Hunter

Hunter spent many years here at Willowcrest and brought some stunning lines from France and Spain to us. Big boned and beautiful he threw some lovely puppies. Hunter is now retired and living with family.



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