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Our Photos
I hope you enjoy seeing some of our dogs and puppies under our photos. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed either taking them or posting them. If any of my puppy owners have a photo they find special (not that they all aren't) please feel free to email me them and we would be delighted to put them up. I never get tired of looking at all my special dogs and their special families. Thanks to all of you for sending me them! 

Below is a photo I received from a litter that we had with another breeder. This is Emmett. He is a brother to a female that I kept Ivy. Love his look so much. He is a Reign son!
I have been a little slack in putting up photos lately. Here are some I have received in the last while. Sampson below is a Conan x Willow him to bits.

What a stunning girl this Conan x Willow girl is as well. Love her to bits!!!!

Another STUNNING  boy from my Willow x Conan cross. Oakley was Mr. Orange and this boy has turned out exactly how I thought he might!!!! Love him!

I loved this photo of Archie Christmas morning. Love him so much. Prada x Conan Beauty!!!!

Archie a Prada x Conan boy. Super stunning!

Tilley a gorgeous Prada x Conan girl!!! Love her !

Here is Cesar a Conan x Lilly Boy. Stunning and we had the opportunity to babysit him and his personality matche's his looks.

Conan x Trina puppy at just 4 weeks old. Super puppy with super temperament.

Beautiful Murphy at just 4 months old...stunning girl. She is a Conan x Gidget puppy.

 Super picture of Finnegan Jr. and Cooper. Finnegan Jr. is a Finnegan x Wanda boy from 2012 litter. Stunning boy!
Below is a picture of our Jax and his new baby sister. He is a Charm x Finnegan boy so gentle and loving his new charge.
Now is this the cutest baby you have ever seen :)
ABove is my Lucky and Helen. Well they renamed him to Murphy...lucky boy :) He is out enjoying his first snow fall. Helen won't be able to pick him up like this for much longer.
Above is Journey. She is not quite a year old and loving her first real big snow storm. If there is no water snow will do for a golden. She is a real beauty.
 Love loved this picture of Buddy  and Bob. Bob met us first when he came to help a friend take her puppy home and he fell in love with his friends puppy and looked us up years later to get his own. Buddy was the perfect fit and living a great life with Bob.
Above is Reggie, mister personality of the litter of Lilly x Finnegan. He is lucky to be living on PEI. Can't wait to see how he matures. He is going to be a real beauty!
 Loved this picture above of Tara a Wanda x Finn girl. First day at the cottage and already having fun in the water . What a beauty.
 Loved this picture of Winston a Gidget x Finnegan boy. Stunning!Thanks for sending it Anne.
The 1/2 brothers meet for the first time in Kelowna. It was love at first sight apparently. Two good looking boys if I don't say so myself :) Jax and Charlie are two lucky boys.

Another great photo of a Gidget and Finn boy! This is Charlie owned and loved by the Preston family of Kelowna BC. Soon Colleen won't be able to pick him up by the looks of things :) 
 Pictured  above is our Willow from Lilly and Finn litter. Another beauty from this combination. Willow is owned and loved by the Musgrove family of the Newmarket area.
Dana and Ziggee winning their class at the Windsor dog show!
This photo just came in and I am still laughing.  I think that Murphee may be getting a tad too big for Joe to pick up! What a great photo! Thanks for sending it to me.
Picture below is Chelsey. She is owned and loved by Dave of Fergus. I wish I could buy her back :) She is a Finn x Lilly pup.
Here is a picture of Mitch. He is a Finn x Lilly puppy and brother to Katie. Mitch is owned and loved by Lisa and Joe of Elliot Lake.

Pictured above is our very Pretty Paisley after graduating her first obedience class at 6 months old. Owned and loved by the Robertson family.

Here is Sarah above another of China x Frankie stunning girls! Love her coat and eyes. She is a sister to Paisley shown above.
Pictured above is Benny who is a big brother to Paisley and Sarah. Benny is owned and loved by Bill and Deanne of Newmarket...gorgeous boy! 
  Above is Jade! What a precious sweet girl she is. We have been lucky to babysit this sweetie a few times but I think Nancy spoil's her even more than I do!
Here is Buddy owned by the Lumsden's. Stunning Hunter Boy!
Pictured below is our lovely Penny who is waiting patiently by the Christmas tree for Santa.She is owned and loved by the Crocker family. Penny is a Charm x Frankie daughter.
Our beautiful Charms boy, Tucker with Daddy Frankie did a great job. Thanks to Stephanie for giving this lovely boy such a great home! 
 Pictured below is Khloee our co-own girl from Charm x Frankie litter. Thanks to the Laborie family for giving this lovely girl a great home and cottage. How lucky can one little puppy get!
Some of our doggies get to some pretty high height! This is Tessa Gypsy x Frankie gir
 Here is our Cooper.. What a great boy!                       Little Tucker in his new home!
 Here is Kona at his cottage! Lucky Boy                       This is our Maycie May of Chatham
 Below is Oakley and his best friend                                 
 in Bobcayeon                                                                     And we will never forget our River
                                                                                Sadie of Peterborough How Sweet!!!
 Here is George of Manitoulin and his best friend
 Just look at Rusty and Amith!                                    Humphrey of Toronto..too cute!
 Ginger our pretty girl in Oakville              Carol and Wong from Markham..We miss you Bud!
 Tucker is King of the Castle !
                                                                               George of Manitoulin and Kristin
 One of Sam xMac puppies doing what Golden's   Humphrey entertaining his friends@ party!
 love to do best!
 Daughter Laura with Sealy at Champion  Hunter always watching out for the youngsters.
ships. She was Reserve Champion!
 Elvis watching the puppies!                     Wanda whispering to sister Charm
 Merry Xmas from the Kalbfleisch in Waterdown with their China x Hunter puppy! Wow isn't he just gorgeous pictured below at 8 months old! Congrats to Jake for passing his obedience as well!
 Pictured above is our lovely Jewel. She is just one fun full of life Chinax Hunter puppy! Pictured here just completing her Pet Smart obedience. Big congrats to Jewel and her owners  Paul and Catherine Arthur from Brampton.
I just had to add this picture cause I just love it. Hunter, Gidget and Charm all relaxing on the picnic table this fall. Hunter you are such a wonderful boy watching over all the brood! 
Had to add this great picture of Winnie arriving in Newfoundland. Winnie is owned and loved by the O'Connor's of  St. John's Newfoundland! Have fun on the rock Winnie! 
 Here is Harley snuggled with her best friend!     I guess not ALL of my Golden's are perfect!!!!!!
 Harley is a Bliss x Hunter beauty!                     But you have to admit Max is this pretty agile!
 Above  is Denver ..not spoiled at all !               Gorgeous Murphy of Utopia!           
 Living in luxury don't you think!         
 Beneath is our Sammie in Florida.. I wish I was there!
                                                        Fenway of Oakville just loves the water and retrieving.
 Midas on day of pick up! He going to have a great life in Newmarket and the Bannister family. He was a great puppy here! Miss ya!
Just got this picture today and just had to put it up! Murphy with his best friend...what a great boy!
Here is Carlee first walk in the forest. Loved this photo! And below is my youngest CGN award winner. Carlee obtained this at only 4 1/2 months. Good going Dianne and Carlee.
Here is our beautiful Hudson at one year old! He lives the good life for sure!
      Pictured here is Gidget at 18 months watching the Super Bowl!
Pictured above is our precious Sophie. She is Charm x Ronan girl. She is owned and loved by the Vanderhoef family of Barrie. Sophie will be coming back for many visits and hopefully one day to have some wonderful puppies as long as she passes her clearances. I am saying prayer's as I have in mind a pretty spectacular breeding for this special girl!
Here is beautiful Ellie. She is a Spice x Hunter very special girl.
 Below is Ziggee at 9months old enjoying Lake Huron



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