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Here at Willowcrest we have always looked after our home bred dogs when you go on holiday. This has been such an overwhelming request that we recently added more living space for our guests. We also use this space when our dogs need some extra room as well. This is 600 square feet of living space that is attached to our puppy room via a boardwalk. It consists of 2 rooms each with an air conditioner and heater so your pet will never be to hot or cold. Each guest will have a companion to play and sleep with and will also have a large outdoor run surrounded by giant white pine. Each of our guests will have at least one walk a day on our groomed trails and have access to Willowcreek for a daily swim. We will make sure that your pet has as much fun on his holiday as you do on yours. Many of our guests owners have commented on how their pet has slept for 2 days after being at Willowcrest for a few days, weeks or even a month. They will get plenty of exercise and we will make sure they have lots of fun too!
Our rates for 2019 have raised slightly.  For one day or any portion of one day is 25.00 for one dog. We do pair a single dog with one of ours for outdoor play time unless you otherwise specify. It is 40.00 a day or any portion of a day for two dogs as long as they can stay and play together.  We never feed any of the doubles together. All dogs are fed separately and given treats separately to ensure everyone gets what is intended and needed. We also make sure each doggie has a Nyla bone to chew but please let us know if you do not want them to have this.
Please inquire for long term rate.
Space is limited so please book your vacation times as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Remember your treasured pet was born and raised here and is a treasured member of our family and we really don't want to see them stay anywhere else when you are away. A traditional boarding kennel really is not conducive to a golden retriever. They can't handle lots of barking and no attention. Please let us know if you need help with any training while you are away as well as we would be more than happy to help with this.
Please bring your pets normal food but we supply treats. Please no leashes or bowl, but your pets favorite toy is welcomed but can't guarantee its safe return. Also if your pet has a favorite pillow or blanket by all means bring that as well. We have recently added the Kuranda bed to all of our guests rooms and this has gone over extremely well. Please also note our rooms are air conditioned in the summer when needed and of course heated in the winter.
We have also added a huge exercise yard this year for those days that it is too hot or wet to go for a long walk, so the dogs can exercise themselves as little or as lot as they like. I will have a picture to follow of this new added feature . We also use our huge 60 x 120 indoor arena for days that are either wet or too slippery for outdoor play. The dogs love this and love to dig here!!!!
Willowcrest will not be responsible for any injury obtained by your dog while under our care  and the owner will be responsible for any veterinary care given while staying with us.



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