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I have been breeding either Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers for the better part of 34 years and for the first time ever had a litter of all one sex. I knew from the start Gemma was special but now this takes the cake. I did double check today just to make sure there were no "parts" unaccounted for but nope...we are all girls! 7 nice big healthy girls! The delivery was smooth as silk and basically one puppy per hour was born and all about the same size a pound or a bit more! Gemma, like her grandmother had no idea what the first puppy was and when it squeaked for the first time she leapt out of the whelping box and I had to coax her back in. By the time the second puppy was born she was warming up to the idea that these were her kids :) By the time the four puppy was born she was totally in love with the whole idea! Cleaning and watching over them and being a perfect mom is all I can say. I of course will stay close by as much as possible and will be sleeping with them at night for the first 2 weeks but also have my 4 week old chunkers that need me too! Gemma is eating great and had a nice bit of ground chicken cooked today and is loving all the extra food !!! Her puppies are as quiet as church mice. Not a sound which always means nothing but good things. They gained weight within the first few hours of birth. There is no need for wool collars on these guys yet as I can quite easily see all puppies are gaining and eating well which is sometimes a concern with a puppy or two in a litter but not this case at all. I will post a couple of pictures in a bit as I just realized I have not downsized them as I tried to load them...back shortly! Ok so my first picture was taken when pups were only about 9 hours old and second photo was taken today so pups are 2 days old!

4 days and this is why I love love love what I do!

6 days young.

I have been not posted some photos in a few days but have taken a lot are some over the past week. These pups are absolutely thriving! Growing in leaps and bounds. I may have to move them with in the next few days as they are outgrowing the whelping pen. I rescued one the other night who had climbed up over mom's back and onto the ledge!

9 days and more facial features starting to show.

Sprawling out a little more one sister with arm around the other one!!! Finding our own space is getting more the norm!

Puppies love their is not a mommy replacement but a mommy fill in when mommy has to go out :) Gemma is loving a bit of freedom now. This was taken when pups were 16 days old. They are moving around so well now ..walking without a stagger almost. But they love to have someone or something to snuggle!

So our girly girl litter has had their collars put on....7 big healthy girls ...they are so quiet and lovely pups. They have started on some solid food now and LOVE IT!!! I do a pablum...goat milk and a bit of ground  chicken to start them they are their first meal. Miss Hot Pink was giving Miss Olive Green a face wash but I just missed the photo...but you can see how pleased Miss Olive Green was !!

We were all tuckered out after our first meal and new toy was loved to curl up on!!!!!

Here are some head shots of our Gemma x Reign lucky seven ladies.

Miss Aqua                                                                  Miss Green                                   Miss Hot

Miss Olive Green                                                Miss Pink                                                 Miss Purple

                                                                     Miss yellow
So very much has happened this week. First my Stella puppies all left for their new homes. All reports so far so good. All puppies adjusting well to their new homes. And my girlies were moved to the puppy room as they just needed more running space :) These guys hardly made a peep with the move. They seem to take to change very well so far at least. They now have double the size bed area and a big indoor playroom in which they are now discovering and playing in when not sleeping which still takes up a great deal of their day. Mommy Gemma is a perfect mother. She still feeds them at will but I will start holding back a little now to start the weaning process. They are eating solids now three times a day. I blend kibble now and add some goat milk and ground chicken still but slowly will grind the kibble a little less fine and add less goat milk and chicken shortly as well until I have them on full kibble that is just tossed with warm water. They now wag their tails the minute they wake up and hear my voice and are associated me with good things in play :)  These are such nice quiet litter and perhaps that is because there are no boisterous boys to get them all going but am really enjoying the more relaxed nature of these guys! So here they are and a couple were pretty sound asleep for picture day but did the best we could.

                                                                             Miss Pink was still half asleep

                                             Miss Yellow wasn't wide awake either!!!!

I am going to try and get some outside shots today if the weather warms up a bit and we can take my puppies out side for the first always so excited for them to get out and explore the world!

Puppies are doing fantastic and had their first "stranger" visitor on Sunday and everybody was happy and tails wagging! No fraidy cats in this litter! We have started crate training by putting a puppy or two in the crate and feeding them a meal. Most are walking in and out of crate now without hesitation. They are enjoying lots of play in the puppy room but I have yet to let them outside for one reason or another. I am hopeful tomorrow to do this. We have either had a bit of rain or too windy for their first outing. Here are a couple of candid shots of them in play room.


And here are our head shots of the ladies at 5 weeks.

Sorry for Miss Green's eyes shut but having my kitchen windows replaced today and couldn't get back too take picture of her

I do so apologize for not taking some more photos this week but my darn battery died and it took all week for Future Shop to get one in for me. Anyway it just came in this pm and I took my weekly portraits and will try and get some photos outside tomorrow. The puppies had a great great week here....they are all doing great with paper training and almost all the time they are in the puppy room they run to the paper to potty. But all are going immediately outside after each meal. They are getting so incredibly cute I can hardly stand it :) These guys are so smart and so happy all the time. They are sleeping threw the night and Gemma is almost weaning them now too....only seeing them today for the last time I think.  She has been an incredibly fabulous mommy and I so appreciate the wonderful girls she has given our Willowcrest family. Here are my beauties at 6 weeks.

Miss Aqua                                                         Miss Green with her eyes open :)                  Miss Hot Pink

       Miss Olive Green                                             Miss Pink                                         Miss Purple who was asleep lol


                                                                       Last but far from least our Miss Yellow                         

                                                            CHILLI PUPS BORN!!

Our Chilli is such a Champ! Labour started on the July 2nd and Chilli didn't eat breakfast! She had been restless on the 1 st of July but by the morning of the 2nd she was definitely in labour! Restless all day and wanting to dig every time I let her outside. You could tell all the puppies had moved down and were getting ready to make their appearance. We moved Chanel pups into the living room and that went as smooth as silk. I was able to get Chilli in and out of the whelping box all day and she was quite comfortable with that ...she didn't eat her dinner either but took a bit of yogurt and cottage cheese. After tucking in everyone I climbed into my bed in my office with Chilli up and down in the whelping box. For the first time in my life of whelping puppies I fell too sleep around 1:30 am early on the 3rd and awoke too a puppy cries! Chilli had her first ... a girl...and with no help from me. Needless to say I was relieved that she had removed the sac and the puppy was fine. "WE" went on to bring the rest of the gang into the world without incident. She had all ten puppies within 3.5 hours! A real pro. So far she has been pretty good with not lying on anyone. She hears a noise and checks to make sure all are ok. The first week or two are critical and so I spend most of my time in my office during this time.
             Love the smile on this beautiful girls face!!! Count all then...they are

Hard to sometimes get all 10 in a photo with it being warm they are spreading out in the whelping box! Chilli pups have already doubled their birth weight! They are thriving and lovely quite litter. Chilli continues to amaze me as she is such a super first time mom. It took a little bit of training to teach her how to get in the whelping box without lying on a puppy as she was so anxious to get back in to see them, but she has that pretty well mastered now! I still don't like to leave for long but am feeling much more relaxed now! I haven't wanted to collar the puppies with coloured wool yet as these guys have been growing so fast that was afraid it would tighten too quickly but think they are slowing down just a bit now so changing daily will be ok now! To figure out 10 colours for boys and girls now will be interesting!

Saturday morning and Laura has a horse show so I am here with my doggies and 18 puppies :) I am certainly not short on things to do but am still staying very very close to Chilli and her pups as she is great with them but when getting into the whelping box she tries to lay so close to the pups I am worried she will accidently lay on one. What I have noticed however is if she does she will raise her body up slightly to let the pup out from under...but it is unsettling! Her pups are loaves of bread now and most are up on all fours and wobbling around :) They are spotless and she still hardly leaves them for  any time other than to go out to potty! She does however love when you toss the ball for her on her quick outings. I have never had a bitch who was so athletic right after giving birth!!

So it has been a bit of a challenge to keep mommies and puppies at the right temperature during this heat wave....but this guys has it figured out!!!!

Chilli pups turned 2 weeks yesterday and they are doing great. We think we will move them into the livingroom today as they are running out of room in the whelping box. I can give them twice the room in the living room and will start feeding them some pablum and puppy replacement milk as well. They are all up and walking actually very well for this young... some are "running".
 We have already done a couple of nail trims on these guys but today they will be wormed for the first time...starting to be more than just eating machines :)

We made the big move into the living room this week and we also started some solid food in which we dug into with a lot of enthusiasm! And unlike some litters we actually had some manners :) Puppies are now almost running it seems. They did great with their worming and nail clipping! Such troopers for sure. We like to move our puppies at least 4 or 5 times in order for moving to be a thing in which is common for them. As much and as many new things we can introduce to our puppies the better they adjust to their new homes.
 I think the only puppy missing is Mr. Red who has his fill and went over to the corner to sleep!
This is what we look like after we will wash their little faces when she next see's them :) Aren't they just adorable!

My Sweet Chilli puppies are doing great and I have started feeding them 3 times a day now. You have to excuse their dirty faces. Because I am still adding pablum to ground cooked chicken and formula when they dig right in they get covered :) Literally but their faces are the worst. I do wash them after each feeding but some of the pablum just sticks and they are too young for me to give a good bath yet. Here are our special pups at three weeks old!

Miss Pink and Miss Hot Pink who loves her food :) She sticks her head in full throttle !

Miss Yellow is usually covered from head to tail by the time she

Miss Green is not much better either ...these guys love their food :)
 And now for our boys!!!


The best for last who is always head first in the food him...and he looks great when he is clean :)

So what an incredible week for my little ones. Moved to the puppy room and boy are they thriving with all the new things they have been challenged with. Super brave bunch of pups with personalities starting to emerge.

These above five are the girls and now below will be the boys!!!!

What a fabulous week here for my Chilli gang. They have all grown like weeds and are loving going out on the back deck now! They are still nursing but not near as much and are cleaning up 12 cups of food a day. This will continue to increase but boy they are doing well. Their favorite part of the day is when they come in for their morning and afternoon naps can run around the puppy room at top speed before they crash! Starting to see a bit of difference between the pups but still trying to figure out their little personalities. Here are  some candid shots first that I quite liked.

  Now for the girls !

And now for the boys!

My Sweet Chilli puppies are 6 weeks old yesterday and they have graduated to the front deck and puppy play pen to get used to the noise of traffic etc. which they can't hear from the back deck. They are thriving and learning so many new barking at the horses :) These guys were all pretty brave about the move and tails pretty much never stopped wagging. Chilli is now only feeding the pups once a day and soon will be every other day. They are eating 10 cups of kibble a day plus some canned pumpkin and cottage cheese. Their potty habits are excelling and I couldn't be more pleased with how they are all doing. They are all almost equal in size which is a real testament for how good of mom Chilli is.
For our lovely ladies first

And now for the very handsome boys

It is hard to believe that 7 weeks can fly by so quickly and I do apologize for not taking more photos this week but we have just been running from dawn to dusk everyday. I want to say that this litter has been a pleasure to raise.  Puppies are smart...loving... and a couple of real swimmers and retrievers in the bunch ...they had lots of exposure to water during the heat wave. It was all we could do to keep them all cool  during such extreme temperatures! They loved the water :) So here are my last photos of my Chilli x Reign litter.
Here are the boys first for a change !!

And for the ladies

 This is one of the boys from Gidget first litter. I can't take this picture down as I love it !

 PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO OF THE PUPPIES- just click link below  Just did this video of the puppies playing on the deck. Just click on to watch! E



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