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I knew on the 14 th of July that we were going to have puppies a day or so early. Vickie was restless and starting panting and I knew it wasn't a heat related pant. She did eat dinner and actually slept fairly well that night, better than me for sure! She did get up earlier than normal at around 5:30 and wanted out. She settled till breakfast and starting eating her breakfast and I thought ok, maybe not today! But then she didn't finish her breakfast and after taking her temperature I knew I would be having puppies soon. I did rush to get the whelping pen ready and again to my surprize she went from panting a little to a much more robust panting, so really got myself in gear! I saw the first contraction at 11:00 am and Vickie was now hiding under my she thought she was hiding. Everything continued easy and as text book as it comes and first puppy was born at 12:45 a big boy! She continued as smooth as silk and had one break for a potty break and some ice cream and had her last puppy at 4:35! Each puppy was born perfectly! All good size and all started nursing right away! 6 girls and 2 boys have joined the Willowcrest Family! It seems Vickie has big pups as I really thought she was having 9 or 10! But all big big puppies but the two boys are bigger yet! Vickie ate some dinner and went sound asleep. I ate some dinner and really had a hard time sleeping as I was just too excited to have these first Sorin pups on the ground! I have planned for this litter for 5 years and it looks like it will not disappoint me at all!

Puppies are two days old and everyone doing amazing! Vickie has lots of milk and is so attentive. Pups are spotless, full and I can't take my eyes of my first Sorin pups! You have no idea how excited I am! I had the heat lamp on the first night, but turned it off last night and I got some sleep. Vickie does not put a foot wrong ...getting in or out of the whelping pen and to my surprize this morning when we were taking the dogs for a walk she got up and looked like she wanted to go! So I let her! I was so hoping she would not go in the river for a swim as that would mean I would need to bath her again and make she had no water from the river on her, but she by passed that idea all on her own, but she ran like the wind! No doubt feeling much better with her belly gone, although her udder is a fair size too! The last week of her pregnancy we walked but didn't run so she was glad to stretch it out! All the dogs are sleeping right now and Vickie too with her pups. Very quiet in here at the moment.

Growing like weeds already! And always one who enjoys his own company!
Puppies are 4 days old and all are thriving! We will put wool collars on today and do a quick nail trim. Vickie is starting to leave them for a bit now and is anxious to go on a run when it is walk time which I am pleased about and luckily she has not decided to go for a swim yet. She is eating great and has great milk supply. Pups continue to be spotless with nice round tummies. Getting a bit more sleep on my part as I am getting used to the smacking lips of the pups as they eat! These are nice strong pups who are scooting around the whelping pen with ease! I think I got a couple of nice photos this morning.


         I looked at the calendar this morning and realized my pups are a week old today! Not sure where that week went, but am so happy to report that these pups are doing amazing. I could  not believe last night in the middle of the night Miss Purple "walked" over to the other side of the whelping box to go pee and then crawled back to Mom! These guys are SO smart! All are up and staggering around on all fours especially when mom get's into the whelping pen...boy can they move! I see this morning that eyes are just starting to crack open just a touch! We put wool collars on yesterday and tried trimming nails but without much luck...will try the nails again in a few days when they have a bit more growth too them. Vickie is eating fantastic and loving the extra calories and again went out yesterday on incredible run. It is quite the sight!  
                                                8 days old and I couldn't me more pleased with the progress of these puppies. They seem smart, strong, and are starting good toilet habits already. Vickie is an amazing Mom who has lots of milk, and keeps her pups spotless and safe. I am starting to relax a little better now that the pups have all doubled their birth weight and knowing Vickie is so careful. Seems still be be difficult to sleep as they are very noisy eaters :) Just took this photo this morning after changing all puppies wool collars. The boys are Mr. Black and Mr. Red and of course the rest are the girls. Can't seem to upload photo...maybe too overcast...will try again a bit later! It's Monday morning and I still can't upload my picture from must have somehow been corrupted. Here is one from this morning. Pups are growing like weeds. I just changed their bed and from yesterday I notice they are taking up even more room in the whelping pen and are definitely heavier lifting the full laundry tub full of puppies. Today I send out my weekly update so folks for this litter, please check your in box :)
Puppies are 12 days old now, and we are going to have to move these guys soon as last night one climbed up on the edge of the whelping box to look to see where Mom was! These guys are so strong, so fast, and so smart! I know you are probably wondering how I know this at 12 days of age, but one just compares and everything is happening a little sooner than in other litters. Puppies eyes are cracked open fairly well now, although, they cant see yet, only light and dark, in  a few days a few more shapes will take place, although, maybe they can see shapes already! I know their ears aren't open yet as when I vacuum they still stay asleep. It is pretty crowed around the milk bar now, but they still all nurse together for the most part. Vickie can now stay away from the whelping box for up to 1.5 hours at a time now, but does spend most of the night laying with the puppies. She is eating great but wanting to go for a swim now which I still won't allow much to her dismay.                                           You see how the puppies tails are standing up? This means mommies milk is down!
                                  This is the face of a milk stuffed puppy :)

Two weeks old yesterday! Puppies all got their first worming and a decent toe nail trim. They are not as squirmy now when handling and all were weighted and boy they are gaining incredibly well. Two boys still the biggest but the girls are all within 6 - 8oz of the biggest boy. Tomorrow will move them into the living room. I was going to do it today but want one more night with them right by my side. They do need the extra room for sure and I can start putting some toys in with them as they are almost wanting to start to play. They can sit up fairly well with bobble heads cute! I am pretty sure they can see me now, but not clearly and their ears are opening as I woke some of them up when vacuuming early this morning. And not so great of a new development is they can bark! LOL... and they like to do it at night!  Looks like a warm day today and we cut hay the other day so with luck we will get it in today before the predicted rain tomorrow. That has been a challenge this summer.
Looking like real puppies now!!! It always amazes me how much 2 weeks makes in the life of a puppy.

Well I left moving day one day too long as I spent last night retrieving puppies from all over my office. So first thing this morning my munchkins got moved to the living room. Not one peep out of one puppy. Vickie went right in and in her most happy motherly fashion fed her babies! Then they all settled right down for a nap. Incredible!

                                 Miss Purple ...hello world!                                       Mr. Black very alert and first one out of whelping pen

Sometimes when I first introduce solids I have to put a bit of food on my finger and let the puppy suck it off....well NOT! I put the small tray down and most converged right away. 18 days old and these guys seem more like 20 - 21 days old. I had planned on taking an hour and giving each one a bit on my finger but nope didn't happen! Miss Yellow was the first in and last to leave with almost all gone and Vickie has great milk supply but these guys are just smart!

Puppies are growing like weeds and I am going to have to start feeding them solids three times a day starting tomorrow. They are devouring 2 meals and I have increased both with not a drop left. Mommy comes in and cleans off the crumbs on our faces as the puppies play with her! They are barking and playing and pottying at the bottom of their bedroom on paper now....almost without fail! I think we will be moving them on Sunday into the puppy room to give them more room again as they seem to be outgrowing both mentally and physically my living room. Love these smart guys so much!
This is how we roll after breakfast... too cute for words.             Starting to play with toys and each other!!
                Without doubt however the day I love the best is my first tail way when they hear my voice was that day!

We are 3 weeks old!!!! Real little puppies now! Tails are wagging ...OMG... this always just fills my heart. When we are changing their bed each morning, now they go over to the gate to say hello to the dogs in the family room. They are just about outgrowing their bedroom in the living room, so tomorrow I guess will be moving day. We wormed them this morning, but time ran out for nail trim and I think they will all get that and a sponge bath this afternoon. The sun is shining this morning, which is rare this summer, so a great day for a nail trim as lots of natural light in living room. I was surprized when we changed collars this morning how much their nails have grown this past couple of days. They are devouring their two meals a day so will start on three. I will also start grinding some kibble to add to their mix.

Sorry it has been such a packed full busy few days, plus I have been fighting a chest infection and lung issue which looks like is starting to resolve with meds. Vickies pups have a big move this week into the puppy room. They were completely fine with the move but Mom took a day to adjust. She just wanted to go back into the living room to find her pups! I have started grinding their kibble a little less as WE HAVE TEETH. They are loving the extra space and am looking forward to being able to introduce them to the outside this next week. These pups have little that bothers them which I adore! Here is our 4 week old head shots and promise to get some nice photos outside this week.

          Our two stunning boys... Mr. Black and Mr. Red... might only be two of them, but boy are these lovely boys!

The girls top row Miss Pink Miss Green and Miss Hot Pink, and bottom Miss Mauve, Miss Purple and Miss Yellow

My next photos of these beauties will probably be taken outside. We have made some renovations to my back deck and so we are almost ready for the pups to enjoy their first outing weather permitting of course, well which is quite the tricky thing this summer. Here are a couple of candid shots I took this morning after their breakfast and play.

I am amiss to know where the time is going...more rain here almost every day so I guess the days are just all blending in together! My puppies are playing and being real little dogs now. Eating almost three full meals a day most days. They would still prefer mom but are getting the idea that my mixture is somewhat better now! Vickie is not the easiest girl to wean and takes almost a full seven weeks and then some to obtain this. I will get some playful photos outside tomorrow when we are a little less worked due to babysitting so many of our doggies this week plus a girl in to be bred so we have been swamped. Here are my beauties at 5 weeks old.

Our two delicious boys!

Miss Green                                                                 Miss Mauve                                       Miss Pink

Miss Purple                                                             Miss Yellow                                                 Miss Hot Pink
 Hi Folks I just want you to know that it is taking way too long too upload photos onto my site. I have been in touch with Mark who hosts my site and we are trying to figure it out. For now I will just be posting photos on my Willowcrest golden Facebook page as I can post them so quickly there. Thanks for understanding. Cheers


Miss Vickie did an absolutely incredible job bringing 7 VERY LARGE  puppies into this world. She was more than amazing for a first time mommy. But then so was her great great grandmother as well!!! Amazing how a female line remains the same. Vickie has 4 glorious girls and 3 boisterous boys!!!!! The largest puppy 1 lb 12 oz. of pure puppy love :) The smallest being 1 lb 3 oz !!! I thought perhaps she was having 9 pups but no just big healthy pups that look nearly a week old. She went into first stage labour early on the 23 rd and did not want to eat her breakfast and was restless for the entire day. I kept her quiet in my office and we laid down for a late afternoon nap and we refused her dinner as well. It wasn't until about 2 am she went into active labour with the first born a big boy just after 4:00 am!!! The others came relatively spaced at about 30 minutes apart which was a nice pace for me after not getting any sleep until the last one born at 9:00 am. This is a beautiful first litter... the perfect size. I love it when first time mommies have 6 or 7 puppies. It is much easier for them...and me. And with them all being such big robust pups there is not one I have to worry about. They all started suckling right away with one trying to suck on my finger as I was cutting the cord :) Precious beyond belief! Vickie had a mid break and ice cream after the fourth puppy born changed sides and went on to deliver the rest of the litter without any complication. I am so proud of her and what an AMAZING first time mommy!!! Her pups are spotless and beyond full! Vickie had a great breakfast with fresh cooked chicken and hard boiled egg with her kibble ! Just 4 hours old...hello world!!!

              Staying close to my sister :) I know most don't see the beauty in a new born puppy, but too me this is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

My first night was not that restful. Puppies were noisy or at least seemed to me to be but Gary commented they are the "normal" noisey but I am must be tired and probably over tired and couldn't sleep :) He didn't get in trouble for calling me cranky :) I know tonight I will probably pass out and I don't need to worry about Miss Vickie as she is an awesome mom. She had a great breakfast this morning and was able to change her bed and check the puppies again and put their wool collars on. So our line up is....Ladies first...we have Miss green, Miss yellow, Miss pink and Miss orange. Our handsome dudes are Mr. Brown, Mr. Light Blue and Mr. Turquois.


Miss Vickie enjoying her new role. Her puppies are spotless and full!!!


      Miss Pink and Miss Orange. I keep seeing these two together!!


Mr. Light Blue pigment almost all in 3 days old and very contented pups. All their coats just gleaming!! Got some sleep last night and feel like a new person. Not happy that it is raining however, as my doggies all need a good run. With me still on 24 hour puppy watch poor Gary is going to take them down to the arena for a good run, but this will mean lots of dirty towels and drying off of dirty doggies to come back into the house :)Vickie ventured out for a longer morning break this morning and is feeling more comfortable with leaving the puppies for a few more minutes at a time now. Hoping she will go to the arena for a nice little run too.


One WEEK OLD!!!!!!!!! This is a milestone as most puppy losses occur the first week but these are such big strong puppies that would have been a shock too loose anyone. Not sure if one can see how beautiful these coats are but they are just gleaming. All our pigment is in ...nice black black noses and the pads of our feet are black as well. We will have some puppies with nice colour in this litter but also have some light crème as well. More importantly we have 7 beauties who are very contented puppies. Everyone has doubled at least in birth weight. We had our first little nail trim the other day. Our eyes are just starting to crack open :) Some are up and trying to WALK!! Vickie is and continues to be an AWESOME  dedicated mom. I am  over the moon she is as good as she is! She loves her role as a mother although we have been able to get her out for a nice walk yesterday. This morning everything is covered in a light ice so no walking for anyone until this melts!

Just want everyone to know how much I LOVE THESE PUPPIES!!! They are not only gentle and quiet...they get more gorgeous everyday!!! Each day when I pick them up to cuddle and get them used to the touch and smell of a human each puppy nuzzles in. It is really something to see actually. I took this photo early this morning and was struck by how much contentment was in this face!

It is obvious from the colour of Miss Orange collar that when I changed them yesterday I was not seeing straight :) I will make sure she gets the right colour tomorrow when I change them again. We change collars every 2 days at this age as they are growing so quickly. I wanted to catch the smile on this girls face but just couldn't capture it but liked this photo any way. Vickies pups were moved to the livingroom 2 days ago and the move went brilliantly. The puppies never missed a beat nor did Vickie. She is an awesome first time mommy! Gary slept with her and the pups last night but as I said to him this morning he can probably go back to his bed tonight as Vickie is perfect with the pups. I can still hear them from my office if need be.

Vickie and pups were moved to the living room the other day in order to make room in my office for our newest litter and what amazed me and continues to amaze me just how incredibly relaxed Vickie is with any changing environment for her puppies. She is so comfortable in her new role. I took this photo this morning as she likes to just go in and lay with her puppies. She is the sweetest of moms I think I have ever had!

I thought this was sweet of Mr. Brown.

My Vickie puppies turn 2 weeks old today and I am so smitten with them. These are some of the nicest puppies I have had. They are so quiet and gentle. They are up and staggering now and eyes are almost completely open. They can't see yet. Well maybe some shapes but not well. Their ears will open in the next day or so. So much happens the first two weeks it never ceases to amaze me. Two week old puppies do not take great photos but here they are .
Ladies first
Miss Green

Font Size
Miss Orange

Miss Pink

Miss Yellow
Now the boys

Mr. Brown

Mr. Light Blue

Ha ha Mr. Turq

I love Vickie as a mom. She is so attentive and lovely with her babies. Love the look on her face here as the puppies have a snack.

Fabulous news to share today. Vickie pups ears are open and they can hear :) They were all fast asleep until I vacuumed and boy did they all wake up in a hurry! I caught this photo as I finished vaccuming the downstairs and they were all just going back to sleep.        

An update however, puppies are doing great. They were moved into a bigger play pen in the living room today. They are all up and walking very well now. Eyes open and ears open. No tail wags yet , but probably tomorrow. I will start them on some mash tomorrow as well. Will post picture soon.

Yippee up and running again ....with a new computer!!  I only had my Toshiba lap top for 2 years and had a lot of problems with it. My son thinks he may be able to fix it, but it is kinda like a car that keeps breaking down and you have no faith in it got a new computer.. a desk top again. Take a lot more room on my desk but love my big screen that I had saved :) So much has happened and Vickies pups have now had their first meal of solid food. I make a pablum, replacer milk, and fresh cooked puree chicken for a few days and then start to grind in some puppy food. It is like a mash. All puppies jumped right in!!

Now here are the puppies at 3 weeks of age.
Ladies first

And for our gentleman

23 Days  old and very dirty faces after eating breakfast. Today I ground up some puppy kibble and added it to their meal and they just dug right in!!!

 Vickie's puppies turn one month old tomorrow and we will do our weekly pictures then. Had to put up this picture I took today of Miss Green. She seems to be always in the right place at the right time to have her picture taken :)

I loved this one I took today of the puppies too! The red is the heat lamp just in case someone is a little chilly they can lie under with their big teddy! They had just come back to bed after a little morning play in the puppy room!

We are officially 4 weeks young and doing amazing. We are eating 3 solid meals a day, although, we much prefer mommy still. I can see little differences in the girls now in that I have 2 more outgoing, one a little quieter and one who is not committing herself to a category yet :) The boys all seem to be mid easy going puppies. Here is our weekly line up of stars!! Ladies first.


Sorry no updates but so busy getting ready for Christmas and looking after these guys just didn't have time to post pictures or updates.  Here are a few pictures taken over the past week and then will do our head shots of our now 5 week old puppies. Puppies change so quickly all the time but I find between week four and five to be remarkable. It is like bells go off and puppies really start enjoying life! Playing with us and each other is taking up more of the day and a little less sleeping on the part of the puppies now. They still only play for about 15 minutes after each meal and then sleep a lot in between but wake for occaisional pee break. The puppies are getting a bit more coat as well and hopefully will be able to let them outside next week for short bouts. This morning we did nails (which by the way grow a lot in a week at this age) and all puppies were wormed again and weighed... they are all gaining well!


This is Mr. Turquois figuring he can play with his brothers tail :) :)

Now for the girls
                                       And the boys

What a huge difference a week makes. My Vickie puppies went out on the deck for the first time yesterday. Can't put them out this morning as it is -17 here and a bit of wind, but it is suppose to be back to normal temperatures tomorrow so they will go out tomorrow again. As soon as we let them out they all went potty!! I was so proud of them all. They are completely paper trained now and eating a good three meals a day. I am still having mom see them once a day as she is not wanting to stay away longer than this. They are certainly teething at the moment as everything is going into the mouth :) Skin included!!!! Mine in particular. There is no more wearing my flip flops in the puppy room. We have started to bring 2 at a time into the family room to get them a little used to not being in a "pack". I didn't get photos outside yesterday but will definitely get some permitting. Love these guys so much....and here they are at 6 weeks!

and for the boys!

These are some photos I took of Vickies puppies going outside for the second time...they loved it. Today they have gone out after every meal to potty!! They are so smart!

One more week and I won't have anymore Vickie puppies here :( I am trying not to think about that part of what I do! I have loved this litter from the moment they were born! I have loved to watch Vickie as a mom who surpassed all expectations of a first time mom. We have just finished weaning the puppies. She was one of my most difficult moms to wean as she just wanted to be with her puppies! She adores them and they her!  These pups are going potty immediately after eating now and outside on the back deck and are spending about 10 minutes play out there after each meal. I have not pushed my luck and put them outside between meals as it has been either drizzling and a bit of rain or windy and snow like today. But they have the whole idea. They are also completely paper trained in that if you put paper by the door to the outside potty they will run over and pee there. Once home as long as you get there before them and let them directly outside toilet training will be complete in no time!


And for our lovely boys



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