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            Willow and Conan last litter 4 girls and 4 boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know when you are successful at something you just keep doing it! Conan and Willow are parents for the third and last time with 4 boys and 4 girls. I am so excited to be able to co own one of these girls to keep this legacy going. And there will be 7 more happy families to share this incredible combination. It has been a very long few days as Willow starting panting heavily on the 30 th and not until the 31 st late in the evening was the first puppy a boy born. Then without too much delay every hour we had another puppy all born without any trouble at all. After we had 8 puppies we were now into the early hours of the 1 st of August but I knew we still had another puppy. So did Willow. Ice cream is used in between puppies for a calcium boost and for energy and we had now gone through almost a full tub of ice cream so I had to send Gary out for some more. Willow was not seemingly tired, but I know I was so I was pretty sure was! She was not having many contractions but some and I was worried! I was on the phone with the vet and about to load her up and take her in for either a shot of oxytocin or a c section for the last puppy when fairly good contractions started again and the vet suggested we just hold tight! Finally the last puppy for born a boy, but he was in the birth canal too long and as hard as we tried we could not get him to breath :( It is always heartbreaking when this happens but it was a long labor. We thank God for the safe arrival of our 8! Willow is a perfect mother and adores her puppies. They already have round little tummies and are all as strong as can be. It is hilarious to watch Willow clean her pups as she just goes to town and their are puppies being tumbled over and over to make sure they are spotless! She ate some dinner last night and now some breakfast and has had a nice bath. She is now snoring as I write on my computer. I will join her at some point today! I couldn't get a photo of her and all the babies but got one of the babies this morning and will get a better one later.


                      There is one between her front legs.  

Gosh I thought I had got a good photo of all pups and Mom but one puppy just didn't make it in the frame.  Puppies had a great night and are fairly quiet eaters which is awesome. Willow was very warm and was up and down until I finally put the air on for awhile watching that the pups did not get a chill at all so my night was up and down but Willow finally settled and got some sleep. She is eating great and is enjoying her family and is difficult to get out to potty! It is cooler here this morning and so all is well.                 


My poor Willow is so hot. She pants so much and I feel for her but she has 8 little furnaces that pretty much non stop nurse. She wants to sit up a lot but I try and discourage this as much as possible as accidents can happen. So am constantly taking her out of the whelping box to cool off. We have an air conditioner but must be so careful as the pups cant get cool either. She has a pretty good coat which will continue to shed out now with her 8 furnaces telling her too do so.


        Three day old puppies... notice the tongue !


           I got this photo early this morning...all 8 .... notice one curled up between mommies front legs!

Almost one week old and I can start to relax a little. The biggest danger to new born puppies is chilling or over heating, and mommy accidentally smothering them. Once they hit a week old they are getting strong enough to move away from danger and these guys are getting pretty darn fast too! It has been a challenge to keep the pups at a constant temperature as we have gone from hot and humid to almost mid fall like conditions. Willow is finally getting  used to the heat the pups create and is not up and down as much and is starting to leave the whelping pen a bit more frequently, but sure didn't want to go on morning walk this morning! Maybe in the next few days she will enjoy getting back to this loved routine! I will weigh the pups tomorrow but can almost tell they have all doubled their birth weight. Will also put wool collars on tomorrow as well. They are starting to look more like puppies now.


Eleven days old and sorry I haven't taken or posted many pictures past few days but have been fighting a chest infection which looks like the meds are starting to clear up! Willow still hardly leaves her puppies but their eyes are just starting to crack open and boy are these guys up and walking fairly well. Still stager of course, but they are up on all four and motoring. Not able to get great photos yet as still young and mommy is constantly feeding or in waking them up and cleaning them. They are growing like weeds ...nice solid solid puppies. They will be wormed for the first time on Monday but had their first nail clip yesterday and all were very co operative :)


Thirteen days young...we are walking much better, certainly faster, still staggering of course, but doing great, eyes are just starting to crack open


It has been beyond busy here this week as we have not had as much help as normal due to holidays for  our great just getting to posting some photos. Willow's pups were moved to the living room as they had outgrown the whelping box and I didn't want to spend a night collecting puppies who had climbed up and over in my office...they were upset for a minute and then relished the idea of the extra space. Willow was as content as ever with the move ...and great things happened such as my first wagging tail...decent eyesight and oh yes our ears are wide open and can hear!!!!! We had our first solid food yesterday and boy these guys had manners right off the bat and dug right in!

It is taking way too long for some reason for me to upload photos to my site...perhaps I just have too many on them...not sure, but because we are so busy right now with not only the puppies but our boarding part, I am only going to post photos on my Willowcrestgolden Facebook page. Sorry but will do this unless Mark who hosts my site can figure out why it is taking 4 - 5 minutes to upload any photo :)

Look at our happy girl. She always has a smile on her face. She is finding it warm with all her puppies but boy are they doing great!!! 7 DAYS OLD TODAY!!  It is hard to believe 7 days has past. It has been a bit of a blur for me :) Today we put collars on the puppies so I can start to identify better each puppy. I knew all the girls but a couple of the boys I was mixing up. We have  Big Miss Green, Smaller Miss Pink, Miss Purple and Miss Yellow. Miss yellow is the lightest of the girls and Miss Purple will have a champagne coloured coat like her mom. All girls are quiet content puppies. For the boys with Willow we have Mr. Turquois ...big boy...Mr. Light Blue, Mr. Blue, Mr. Red who will have a bit of colour and Mr. Orange. This is a very very content litter to my surprize with such a big litter for a first time mommy but it has been much easier the last couple of days for my sweet girl with Chanel fostering the two boys. Chanel's girls are still bigger than the biggest puppy of Willow's but Willows are not far behind now :)  

Willow's puppies have safely made the transition into the sunroom! They are loving the extra space. They will spend another 7 days or so here and then be moved into the puppyroom. We like our puppies to make as many moves as possible in order for their final move into their new home not be be tramatic ...just another move! This picture I took right after their breakfast this morning. Underneath all the puppies is a big teddy. They all curl up over under and around it everytime mommy is not in their room. It is so cute. They have started playing with each other too. I love this age.

I have some great photos to share today the 4 week Birthday of our Willow x Conan litter. These guys are doing great. The two boys being nursed  by Chanel are of course the biggest. They were the two biggest boys to begin with and there are less puppies nursing with Chanel so they will be the biggest. They are Turq 2 and Red 2. Here is our 4 week outstanding line up starting with....

Here are a couple of fun photos from the puppy room

What a fabulous week I have had. My puppies are doing incredibly well. Growing like weeds and learning something new each day now...some things you don't really want to know about...but just to let you in on a secret...apparently 5 week old puppies can dig :) :) I am starting to see little differences in the puppies but I must say this is a very consistent litter.Personalites are very similar and not an alpha puppy nor shy puppy in the lot. Certainly not that I have noticed in the past week and many new things have happened.

Not sure how anyone could even begin to pick the best puppy in the litter. These are all super star puppies!!

Another week has come and gone and the days are flying by!! Our first puppy leaves a week from now and that is hard to believe. It seems as a breeder you are constantly waiting....waiting for a girl to come into season...waiting to breed her waiting for the pups to be born...but once here these 8 weeks seem to fly by! I wish these weeks would slow down. I am not prepared to let these puppies go. It has been such a pleasure and honour to raise them to this point. They are truly a wonderful wonderful bunch of puppies. I can't tell you how much I will miss them. So this is probably the last set of pictures I will take of this wonderful litter.

Miss Mauve 7 weeks old!

Miss Green 7 weeks!

Miss Yellow 7 weeks!

Mr. Light Blue 7 weeks

Mr. Red 2 at 7 weeks. Just noticed this is blurry and will try and retake a new one later today.

We had to wake up Mr. Red to take his photo today and he looks not quite awake :)

Mr. Turquois 1 at 7 weeks!

Mr. Turquois 2 at 7 weeks

Mr. Blue 7 weeks ol



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