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Chilli went into labour April 1 st and I was thinking perhaps I would have my first April Fools Day litter, but not to happen as first puppy was not born until 5:30 am April 2 nd. She didn't eat anything all day the first which is normal and drank a lot and basically was on my lap most of the day and some of the following morning until labour became a little more intense and then at 5:30 am without much trouble at all the first boy was born. Wasn't long till next puppy about 35 mintues and a girl. This continued with the same duration between puppies boy, girl, boy girl and no longer than a wait of 1 hour between pups. The 9 th puppy only took one hour and 15 minutes but Chilli did work a little harder, and this lovely girl never took a breath. She was a dry birth and she just didn't make it although I tried for over 30 minutes to get her breathing. The last puppy came minutes after I stopped with number 9, my angel puppy. Chilli was not too distraught as we removed the puppy quickly from my office and after the 10 th puppy was born she settled in and started cleaning and feeding her new crew! This is her second litter and she is a much more relaxed mother and is awesome. Just awesome. Her pups are spotless, and full!!! Her milk came in with in a few hours of their birth as their little tails started to raise which is an indicator of milk. They get colostrum at first before actual milk comes in. These are incredibly strong robust pups who all latched on immediately and started feeding. I have a number who have climbed up on mom and some that have stood up to nurse. I will get the puppies wool collars on later today, but have not really slept for a few nights at all :) Worth every minute of not sleeping to have 9 healthy new members. These pups are so quiet which is a blessing for me as tonight I will probably be able to catch some shut eye. Chilli is pretty good at getting back in with the pups and last night was only needing out once in the night to potty but got up at least 3 times to have a drink and each time of course the pups complain with her going which is great as it wakes me to make sure she gets back in carefully so we don't have an accident with mom stepping on a puppy. The first week will be one of little sleep but much love!! The first photos are the evening the pups were born April 2  and the pictures next are today!


Puppies will turn 4 days old today and are thriving! It is amazing how quiet and content they are. I am more than pleased. I used a supplement with Chilli to help bring in milk quickly and boy love it. Called Fenugreek and all natural product but it sure does work. Puppies gaining so well already and hence very quiet. Chilli is eating great and adores her new family. She has to be coaxed out but soon she will willingly leave for a break. I don't leave mommy and pups alone much at all yet. So some of my work takes a back seat for bit as the health and safety of both mom and puppies is my prime concern right now. Today later will give their nails a quick clip as some are pretty long. Both Chilli and I slept pretty well last night and only up once to let her out for a pee which is awesome :)

5 days young! Winter has returned which is beyond depressing, however, when you have 9 little ones to keep you is ok :) Puppies are doing great and had a little nail trim.  Changed collars this morning. Everyone is growing right on schedule. Puppies are moving very well and pulling themselves up on their feet already. Extremely mobile crew! A couple of sleeping beauties.


8 DAYS old and pups eyes are starting to crack open. These guys are up and staggering around and covering the whelping pen like jack rabbits now :) They are fast and strong and the milk bar looks smaller all the time as the pups keep growing. All puppies have doubled in weight and were not that co operative with doing nails...we just take our time and do as many on each puppy as they will allow at this time without  stressing them to much.

Ok I think these may be the strongest puppies I have had. These babies are up and walking without a lot of stagger going on! I now have to be careful that when mom comes into feed her babies one doesn't run underneath her. But we are beginning to be able to see shadows now and their heat sensor's are being taken over by sight. Up till now they go for heat as this is where mom is usually and mom means food! Doubled in weight and very active is such a super sign of things to come. I wanted to try and get a photo of the eyes cracking open and did so without a flash. I don't think it prudent to use a flash right into the eyes of a young pup. So hope you see what I see with the eye balls starting to show themselves. 10 days after birth and we are technically walking..sense of sight is happening and definitely we can complain when we don't get what we want :)


Is this just not priceless!!!

Sorry for a few days away. We became grand parents again and so have been busy. Our daughter gave birth to a gorgeous little strawberry blond boy 7 lb 14 oz and 23 inches long on April 19 th. Before I brag about my puppies here is our new pride and joy who we will get to spoil for years to come

We are still in the dark about a final decision on his name. Once Mom and Dad get some sleep I guess they will decide. To us it doesn't matter he is the most gorgeous baby and whatever name they decide he will be our special lad!

So Chilli has adapted to me being away a bit and my fabulous husband has taken over puppy sitting. What is terrific is that the puppies will feed every 2.5 hours so we can let her in the office and feed the play with the pups but then we can take her out to the family room and we don't have to worry about mommy accidentally lying on a puppy while we tend to some of our other chores. Puppies are up and walking very well now and they are just starting to play a bit with each other. They have voices!!! And let me know when it is time for mom :) I will start adding some solid food to their daily routine now. Starting today with one small meal of goat milk, pablum and finely ground chicken. Interested to see how they make out today with that. I think a few will dig right in!


Well wow, three weeks old! Where on earth did that three weeks go...oh yeah we had puppies and a grand baby!!! Best three weeks of my life :) My 9 munkins have gained teeth and are on average 5 - 6 little porkers! They are eating three times a day and I have just ground some kibble which we start to add and take some pablum away until no pablum. Still grind some chicken and add goats milk. They are finishing every meal with enthusiasm. Chilli is starting to accept us feeding and is slowly not producing enough milk to feed an army! She has had a ton of milk with this litter. Puppies have started to play with each other and mom too. I am spending the nights at my daughters still so Gary is on puppy watch at time ever other than when I have had two litters at the same time and then he gets the call. He needs more sleep than me but is more than happy to help out. They have been moved into the livingroom and have more space and I have a radio on full time for them. Here are some shots of the move and following day.

Chanel x Reign litter 2016

 20 is filled with so many memories for me as a super litter of my China's was born on this date but it being Fathers Day as well. This June 20, 2016 is filled with so many memories going forward as our beautiful Chanel gave birth to 7 big healthy boys and 2 big healthy girls. It has been a long few days as a puppy must have been pressing on her bladder as she wanted out about every 2 hours day and night so when she finally went into a full fledged labour on Fathers Day I was relieved! I think she was too! The first puppy didn't arrive until 24 hours later at 7:30 am a big healthy boy! Chanel took her time through each delivery and we thought she was all done at 5:00 pm with the arrival of another boy...making the count 7 boys and one girl!!! We had put away all my supplies and was just about the change Chanel's bed when she starting panting quite heavily again and I said to Gary... you better not put away my supplies quite yet... and with that she proceeded to have the last puppy a girl! Far cry from last year with 3 beautiful girls but Chanel took too her new role of "super" mom so well. She had a nice small dinner of chicken and rice and immediately fell asleep and was snoring so we didn't disturb her and waited till she woke a few hours later to change her bed and she happily went out for a pee! She isn't waddling anymore :) Such a sweet girl this girl is. Goes with the flow and without a doubt the sweetest girl I have ever known! I had a shower and fell into bed. The puppies were so quiet and content I actually got some rest.

I was able to get a photo of all 9 in this photo....just a few hours old!

Somedays are easier than others and last night was not a great night as one of the boys grew Angel wings. Luckily Chanel seems to be non the wiser which is great. She has been smiling all morning and eating great. She had not started counting her puppies so she is pretty oblivious of his departure. I however am a bit of a wreck. Family has been notified. The rest of the crew seem great and are thriving and gaining well.

My munkins at 4 days old

Well the puppies are 5 days old today and they are growing like weeds. I can't believe how fast they are! They can motor around the whelping box like crazy now. Chanel got to go for a nice walk today which she thoroughly enjoyed but was anxious to get back to see her pups. Love this photo I got today!.

Our newest family members turn one week old today. Thriving and up on all fours! It is funny to watch this age try to walk. Like a drunkin sailor!! Nice and strong and their eyes are just starting to crack open. Chanel is such a perfect mommy. She is eating great for me and hence puppies have doubled their birth weights!

Yippppeee Chanel pups are two weeks old and THRIVING!!! Chanel never ceases to amaze me as she is such a terrific mom!Never a foot wrong and her puppies are fat little piglets! Content is an understatement! Hardly a peep out of them, but they are up and running around the whelping pen now! Today Gary and I will worm them for the first time and they will get their first nail trim.

She is the most loving of mom's. No wonder her puppies turn out so amazing!

Chanel pups are doing everything a day or two early. This morning at day 16 their ears are open. They can hear me!!! I was able to wake them up by my voice exciting!!! Chanel is one of the most attentive mothers I have ever had. Her pups will benefit from her tender loving care!

Good Morning Mr. Red!!!!!!!!!!

It is hard to believe that my Chanel pups are going to be 3 weeks old soon! We did the big move to the puppy room and now the pups have all kinds of room and they all took the move with ease. They seem to be loving their new digs! I have music playing full time for them and they will have their first solid meal today. I mix puppy formula, rice pablum and some fresh ground cooked chicken mashed. I have a feeling these guys are going to dig right in.

I think this is one of my best photos so far with this litter! Both girls were asleep but was able to wake most of the boys!

So our beauties are three weeks old and have to say this is one of the easiest litters I have ever had the honor of raising. They are such easy going nice pups. Hope this continues in their new homes. Here are a couple of shots we took right after the puppies ate their breakfast and then we did individual head shots of everyone.

Miss Hot Pink giving me the stink Mr. Turq all tuckered out and almost out for the count!

Miss Pink still has breakfast all over ...

And here are the boys!

Mr. Purple   and Mr. Black

Mr. Blue and Mr. Green

Mr. Red and Mr. Turqois

Now for our two girls

Miss Hot Pink and Miss Pink.

Chanel pups are 3.5 weeks old and are little puppies now :) Playing with each other and not afraid of a thing I do with them. Easy going and very content. I am only feeding them twice a day so far but will increase too three times a day in a couple of days. It has been a challenge to keep mom and pups at just the right temperature during this heat wave but so far so good!

Loving their new puppy mobile!

4 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!  This is always a milestone for me when the pups reach four weeks of age. They are real  little puppies now exploring...playing...tails wagging and now able to do almost anything. I am feeding them 3 times a day now and starting to limit Chanel nursing. She is such a devoted mother. She is so kind and gentle and loves her babies! It shows in each and every one of them. I am seeing slight differences in each pup but must say this is a very consistent litter. No real outgoing puppy and no real shy puppy. Here they are at 4 weeks of age and I love them so much!

Our two girls....oh my goodness they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so happy with how these puppies are turning out! They are absolute sweethearts. Here are a couple of pictures Laura took for me when she was here to visit Chanel ...thank you Laura :)

My Chanel babies are doing so well and had their first adventure out onto the deck yesterday. Not one puppy was nervous of the big move. So many more sounds to hear! Dogs barking for one! Cars going by and farm machinery! Birds singing and the sound of the wind and trees! They loved every minute of their outing and slept like babies last night!

Another weekly update and pictures....these guys are growing like weeds. They have not been allowed out for too long and already all the puppies are going potty at the furthest end of the deck. We were very shocked this morning to see only one poop in their pen! They sure rushed outside to do their business that is for sure. I thought with all thunder last night they would have made quite the mess but not at all! Here are our super stars!

Oh how I love this litter of puppies. They made another transition so well from the puppy room to the sun room and are also now spending time in the puppy play pen so to accustom them to traffic noise...nothing phases them. Here are a few candid shots of them on the deck waiting so patiently for us to carry them over to the play pen.

Mr. Blue

Mr. Green

Hard to believe that one week from now my puppies will be leaving for their new homes. My husband will tell you that I always say this, but these have been some of the nicest puppies I have had the privilege to raise. My girls.

The boys

to Willow, but Mother Nature often has her own plans and Willow delivered her big litter first. I was busy with Willow the first night but Chanel kept popping her head into my office and looking with her cute smile at me through out the middle of the night and I just kept saying It's ok Chanel just working with Willow and her new pups and she would go off and lie down. NORMALLY  a bitch will go off their food a meal before labour starts and their temperature will drop and you know puppies are coming within 24 hours but Chanel did none of these things and she hadn't started nesting either. The only thing she was doing a bit of panting but the family room was hot due to the big fire we had on so I thought nothing of it. Panting is also a sign we are in labour and the faster the panting gets the closer to delivery we are. But out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a contraction...yikes.. I went and checked and yep sure enough she was in labour. I felt about as guilty as you can feel as I did not even know exactly when she started. After many hours of pushing I decided to rush her into the vets as I could feel a puppy breach and she was just not progressing and felt a more experienced hand could gently pull a breach out without causing damage. She spared us the problem and had the first puppy in the car and so Ryder was born :) Not a small puppy by any stretch of the imagination but of course didn't weigh the puppy till later and weighed in at a whopping 2.2 lbs! The next puppy was just 2 lbs and the third a meager 2.3 lbs. All puppies are girls and all were born with pitch black noses and pads on feet completely black which means the puppies were full term plus. They were warm and cozy and to them there was no hurry to come into this world and make their presence known. But they are here safe and sound and beyond gorgeous!! Chanel's great grandma Blissful first litter was also 3 puppies but 2 girls and a boy!! Chanel has always reminded me of Bliss and so perhaps we had more intervention from above :) Here is my precious girl in her new role.

Look for all three pups!!!

You get a better idea of the size of the puppies in this photo!!!

So we decided to even the load out a little and gave Chanel Willow's two biggest males to feed and look after. She took on her new responsibilities with such vigour and has become an amazing surrogate mommy as well. This will make it a little easier on Willow and in fact better for both litters. A small litter the puppies can get FAT which is not healthy and a big litter is hard on mommy producing all the milk required not to mention the clean  up duties. Willow has been looking on to make sure her babies are safe and sound and Chanel has become a protective mommy Bear :)

So today the girls of Chanel are 5 days old and the two boys of Willow are 7 days old. Chanel is doing GREAT! She is loving motherhood. We put wool collars on the puppies today. I do this for identification, although, I already know each girl inside out :) Miss Green is Ryder my first girl born and is such a content girl. Then Miss Yellow was born also very content and the smallest of the three and then Miss Orange who you can see is on her back and nursing. She is a hoot. Mr. Red and Mr. Turquois were the two biggest boys from Willow's litter and they love being in a smaller group for more room at the milk bar. They are thriving!!!! Mr. Red will have some colour. Both boys not a peep out of them when I put their collars on. Mr. Turquois thought perhaps he could nurse on my fingers :)

Chanels girls one week old....Bless them!!

Miss Green blissfully asleep. At this age sleep and eating are all we really do !!! Eyes will start to crack open in the next few days!


1.5 week old Chanel puppies ....thriving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so quiet and content. Love them!

So much has happened since posting my last picture of Chanel's girls and her two adopted boys. They are all up and walking....talking...eyes open...ears open and EATING SOLID'S. These guys are all little loaves of bread. There is usually always one to be the last to finish and take control of the feeding dish but they all dug in and Both Mr. Red and Miss Yellow ate to the last drop....The others didn't go far to crash and have a long nap!!! We moved Chanel's puppies into my office yesterday when we moved Willow's into the sunroom. They all made a moment of protest and then with tails wagging checked out their surroundings. We will be moving them again shortly to the puppy room or sunroom haven't decided yet. We do like to move puppies a total of 4 times if possible. These way they get accustomed to change :) This makes it easier for them to adjust to their new homes when the time comes. Promise to post more pictures in the future. Have been nursing a bad back but looks like things are getting under control with it.

Miss Yellow and Miss Green posing for a photo op :) Just finished their breakfast and ready for morning nap!! Come to think of it me too! Up a lot last night as Chanel pups have so much room and would get to the bottom of their bedroom and no one else was their and so would cry :( So I think I will catch 20 winks as well. These guys are little tankers :) Can't wait for them to go out on the deck for their first adventure!! Hopefully the weather will co operate and we can do that middle of the week. I can get some good photo's then!

ONE MONTH OLD  and half way there!! These guys are doing amazing well. Of course when you are born at 2 pounds the world is a much easier place to cope :) I have been able to put these guys out on the south deck for a few hours this week as they don't get much wind there and so safe for young puppies. They are enjoying the routine of going out for a little romp. They are still not too sure about the decking but each time a little better. All have been wormed for the second time now and are really good about getting their nails trimmed. Eating three solid meals a day and only seeing mom for a milk substitute after each meal and night play time. Please meet my three very beautiful girls.

Miss Green a.k.a Ryder as she was born in the car!

Miss Orange such a sweetie

Miss Yellow...tail NEVER  stops wagging!!!

Miss Orange and Mr. Turq first time on south deck.

Miss Yellow first time on south deck!

What a terrific amazing week with our puppies. The weather has been great most days for the pups to get out and play and play they do!! Love these guys so much. The new owners of these three girls had better stay in touch :)  I will need to hear how they are doing from time to time. Expect a ton of tears on pick up day I am afraid. I did a selfie with my three girls ...I never allow pictures of myself so you should appreciate how much I love these girls.

Now here are my precious girls one!!

Miss Green..aka .... Ryder... our first born from this litter. Love her to the moon and back!

Miss Yellow whose tail is always wagging and so incredibly sweet!

Miss Orange my sweet little teddy bear!!

Another week has flown by here...mind you have not done so much laundry with towels from wiping off wet dogs. We have had so much rain and our puppies have not been able to be outside too much but the weather forecast looks good for the next while anyway. We might even get some hot weather which I am so looking forward too!! Puppies are growing so well and we have pretty much decided on which homes are best for these girls. You are all very very lucky owners to be. So here are my lovely Chanel girls at 6 weeks.

Miss Green

Miss Yellow

Miss Orange...get a load of these eye mine were this long :)

Hard to believe these girls won't be with me much longer. No words can describe how I am going to feel when they leave. So I am not going to go there but spend my last week loving every minute I can with three amigo's.

Ryder my Miss Green.

Miss Orange 7 weeks

Miss Yellow 7 weeks :)



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