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Our Girls
 Meet our Willow
Willow is a Wanda x Finnegan puppy who we are going to be getting her health clearances soon. She is a sensational girl. Stunning to look at but has a personality and attitude that goes hand in hand with her looks. I couldn't ask for a better represenatation of the breed. She has super pigment, topline and great angles behind with a super front and she definately has her daddy's fantastic coat. Beautiful creme colour and it is wash and wear. Very easy to look after. This girl is smart, affectionate and a real person pleaser

Such a stunning girl Willow. She has the heart and soul to go with her great looks. She passed all her health clearances with flying colours.

Meet Our Girl Ice

Almost 2.5 months old here I wondered if she would grow into those ears and paws :)
Decision day and Miss Yellow became My Ice and I loved her to bits from the moment she opened her eyes!
My little girl was such a fluff ball and hard to see on the snow...hence her name Ice, but also taken from her Father's registered name Wind Lovin Fire N Ice. She has his amazing temperament and movement!
An incredible beauty inside and out! She is the sweetest of sweets and love her dearly!
I so love this photo of my Ice sitting on top of Reign while he is chewing a bone! This breed is so loving and tolerant! Ice has matured into a 62 pound girl with flawless movement.


Is she not the cutest puppy ever :) Love her to bits. She is very naughty but I am sure she will outgrow this soon enough.

She is 19 weeks old here and cuddled up on my lap with the fire going. This is heaven!

Just look at this face....5 months old and she is as smart as they come. Love her to bits!

Willowcrest's Victoria  Secret is starting to look like a runway model :) She is so pretty and her coat is coming in extremely well now.  She is 8 months old in this photo taken underneath the garden bench.

Not  a clear shot but her beauty is un mistakable.


A more beautiful girl I have not had which is why we called her Willowcrest Haute Coutour. She is soooooooooooo sweet this girl. All ears in this picture but she does grow into them. She was a piece of cake to toilet train and is my constant companion. She is the lightest of creme's in colour and has the easiest care golden coat.

Prada at 8 weeks old head shot. I couldn't help myself and just had to keep this little monkey.
She is and has always been mischievous but I couldn' t love a dog more!!

Prada at 4 months and maturing nicely. Super angles behind with a great topline and excellent bone. Love her long neck and tail. Best is her super personality.

Love Love Love this picture of my two lovely girls Willow and wee Prada. What beauties these two girls are.

Absolutely love how Prada is maturing. She is my constant shadow and we are really without question the best buds. Prada has cleared all her health clearances with excellent results.

Prada just keeps getting better and better. She will enter the show ring in the spring in full coat. Pictured here she has just blown her summer coat. This girl has super front and topline with gorgeous angles behind. Love her head and pitch black pigment and jet black eyes. She is my most loving girl along with Willow!!


Meet our newest addition Chilli. Chilli  is a Lilly daughter an her dad is or Conan. She is a super puppy with tons of personality. She already has our hearts. She is Lilly's legacy living here at Willowcrest and we could not be more delighted.

Chilli at 8 weeks love the bone she carries and super tight feet, topline and tail set and carriage.
Chilli at 11 weeks old coming back from her first swim in the river. She is drying off in the outdoor run before coming in for a cuddle and treats.

Chilli maturing so well. She is one of the smartest goldens I have. She is a Conan daughter and moves just like him. Flawless!!!
Fully mature at 60 pounds this athletic intelligent loving girl has  passed all her health clearances now and with flying colours! She is amazing in so many ways this girl. We just love her to bits.

Meet our Girl Ivy

Ivy at 2 months old...sweet girl. She is a Reign daughter and from my Wanda line.

Ivy at 6 months old....loves loves to retrieve and loves the water too!!!

Ivy at 10 months old head shot. She is really starting to mature nicely. Such an incredibly loving girl.
Love this photo of three of my girls watching me in the office. Ivy of course smack dab in the middle with Ice to the left and Chilli on the right with her Nyla bone.
Ivy at 18 months of age and maturing so well. She has her daddy's front and bone. Super coat and super topline. She stands 4 square all the time. Fabulous mover and great retriever. She is super with dogs...puppies! She just doesn't put a foot wrong.


Meet Wanda who is now retired and living with a super family in Caledon who has one of our golden boys. Miss her and love her always. She left us our Willow who we just adore!

  MEET LILLY! She just absolutely loves the water. When we take her for a walk she bolts right to the river and loves to play hide and seek among the long grass. She is pretty calm for a puppy and is taking after her one grandfather and is VERY smart. She was so easy to house train. Lilly has some excellent Australian lines.Lilly is now retired, living in Huntsville with a super family who also one of our girl goldens. Lilly leaves her legacy in our newest addition Chilli!
Lilly pictured be above has matured so nicely. Lilly has excellent health clearances and produced
 an excellent litter of puppies. Here she is waiting for the barbeque burgers to be ready !
My gorgeous Bella doing what she loves to do which is play in the snow, or water, or dig or be on my lap !! Retired now and missed every single day.

Here is Charm who is now retired and living with a super family in Missassauga. We miss our girl but know how happy and spoiled rotten she is. She contributed so much to my breeding program  in both Khloee and Sophie  which are also retired now.
                            Meet Sophie who is a Charm daughter now blissfully retired and being spoiled rotten by dear friends in Orangeville

Meet Khloee who is also a Charm daughter and who is also blissfully retired to family in Orangeville who adore and love her every bit as much as we do!
Gidget is formally retired and living with my son in laws mother in Mono and being spoiled to bits.

Meet Samantha who is retired an living her at Willowcrest and also spends nights at daughters in Shelburne

We have much to thank Sam for as she left her legacy in Gypsy, Spice and China and from Gypsy our gorgeous Gidget                                                                                                                           
Here is my soul mate and very special girl China. She has brought such joy to my life and has enriched the lives of so many with her puppies. She is now retired and living with me at Willowcrest.
Here is Spice, sister of China. She is really my daughters girl. Spice is retired and living here at Willowcrest and at my daughters new house! Spice blessed us with many years of laughter and some wonderful puppies. Thank you our sweet girl!



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